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Panda Shred – Day 1

I guarantee that this is not some generic workout plan that I copy and pasted from the Internet. In 2011, I worked with a personal trainer who developed this 14-day circuit training program for me and I have been pounding through it continuously on repeat ever since. I typically complete a workout each day (with the exception of resting for a day on the weekend or taking Harley for a run on the strand) then start from Day 1 once I’ve reached the end. In my gym, one lap around the track is 1/8 of a mile…so you’ll see laps and sprints referenced in those distances. This has been my saving grace “go-to” workout plan for 4 years and counting but of course weight is 80% diet as well!

Circuit training is a method of resistance training that maximizes the volume of work done in the shortest period of time.  Your heart rate spikes but is generally elevated during your entire workout so the combination of weight training and increased cardiovascular effort maximizes calorie burning and overall efficiency.  We all know how much I love efficiency and getting the maximum results in the least amount of time!  Not only will you blast every part of your body as part of a whole-body circuit, high-intensity interval training will kick your metabolism into high gear and you’ll burn more calories in 20 minutes than you would in an entire hour reading a book on the elliptical. 

Heavy Weight Week

4 sets

  • Walk with two 15-lb weights at your side for 1/16 mile each direction (1/8 miles total).
  • Set the weights down and sprint 1/16 mile each way (1/8 miles total).

3 sets

  • Walk with two 15-lb weights above your head with arms fully extended upwards for 1/16 mile each direction (1/8 miles total).
  • Set the weights down and run 1/8 mile.

3 sets

  • 15 reps – Chest presses (two 15-lb weights)
  • 15 reps – Reverse flyes (two 12-lb weights)
  • 15 reps – Swiss-ball hip raise and leg curl

3 sets

  • 10 reps (each side) – One-legged wall squats with Swiss ball
  • Sprint 1/16 mile and jog back

3 sets

  • 15 reps – Grab one 12-lb weight and transfer from one hand to the other with ab crunch
  • 10 Leap frog jumps
  • 5 Burpies

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